Welcome New Customers!

As it says in our company video, we are makers, experienced and highly trained, and we are tradesmen who work every day to be the best at what we do. But this introductory page is really about providing you with information that will hopefully make you feel welcome and secure with this change.

Quality Press History & Team Makeup

Quality Press was founded in 1981 in Fremont and moved to Georgetown in 1996. In 2008, John DePasquale purchased the company and invested deeply in equipment, software, personnel, and training, and as a result, experienced a growth of over 60% during the recession years. In 2013, Quality Press purchased Belgate Printing and Graphics in Bellevue.

Quality Press and your former printer are both known for high-quality products and services, and this will continue. It’s who we are and what we do. The Quality Press team has literally hundreds of years of combined experience in the printing industry, but the company also believes in hiring motivated young people and training them in the trade. We look forward to the addition of new team members with their deep knowledge and experience base. They will help us be better partners for you and our existing customers.

Capabilities & Equipment List

The Home page of our website has a list of capabilities, and if you click on those, you can get a good idea of the breadth of services that we offer. We also have a detailed Capabilities and Equipment List available if you’re interested.

Quality Press Storefront Demo

You can check out our storefront Demo site by clicking on the below button and using “guest” for both LogIn ID and Password. Click on "Storefront Demo Tutorial" below for instructions on how to navigate through the site.


This is your storefront home page. We can customize it with your company logo and colors.

Click to view orders that were previously placed or are in process. We only have one order on this page for demo purposes, but once you start using Presswise, you'll be able to view all of your orders and your ordering history.
Click on the order number on the left to view the current status. There's also an invoice icon to the right of the order number if you wish to view that. Orders will have a thumbnail image of the product and a button for reordering. Once you are in the order, if it's waiting for approval, you would be able to approve or reject. It also details where and to whom we are shipping, and how it's being shipped and billed. There's a pdf link that allows you to view or download a high resolution pdf of the print file.

This page would contain printed products exclusive to your company. The tabs are customizable to whichever categories or names are most meaningful to you. Click on the appropriate tab and then on the product to order it. If applicable, inventory levels will appear under the product image.
All of the items in the catalog are live templates where you can enter information, generate a proof, and place the order. Feel free to try it using the Quality Press templates.
To get familiar with the process, go to the Business Cards tab and click on the image to enter and explore how the content fields work. Populate the fields with your information, then click "update image" to view the card. Click on "pdf proof", review, approve, re-edit, etc.

There are benefits to uploading files here rather than emailing or using a third-party transfer. The file size limit is large (1GB) and it automatically notifies several Quality Press employees that there's been an upload under your account name. At that point, any of us can access and view those files from wherever we are.

There are administrative options to change your login, profile, and secure password.
The Shopping Cart icon at the top gives you another option to get back to your cart. You'll also find transactions you may have begun, but have not yet completed.
You can sort orders by those that you've placed, or that others have placed, or you can view them all, not matter what the origin.

We plan to eventually create custom storefronts for you, but if you have an immediate need, please let us know.

Come and visit!

September 15th is the date for this year’s annual open house, featuring wood-fired pizza and putt-putt golf. It would be a great opportunity for you to visit and see our operation. We’re always happy to host customer tours, so if you would like a tour prior to the pizza party then let your contacts know and we'll set it up.

Welcome to Quality Press!