Welcome to Quality Press!

Hopefully this page will give you an idea of who we are and what we do. 

Capabilities & Equipment List

Front End

PressWise system, providing browser-based print management that automates workflow.
Adobe Creative Cloud
Epson Stylus Pro 7890
Xante VM4 Computer-to-Plate
PitStop Server - PDF automation and high-volume PDF preflighting
Graphtec FC 2250 Flatbed Cutting Plotter Table with ARMS (auto register mark sensor for perfect print-to-cut registration) 36" x 47" max sheet size
3 Intel Macs
G-5 Macs

Printing Technologies

13 x 19 HP Indigo 5600  (Five color + white + one shot + thick substrate capabilities)
14 x 20” Ryobi Five-Color + Coater with IR and Impinged Air Dryers
19 x 25” Two-Color Heidelberg MO with Perfector and IR Drying
13 x 19” Konica Minolta 6501 Pro with Fiery RIP
13 x 19" Ryobi 3302 Twin Tower with IR Dryers
10 x 24 x 16” Small-Format UV LED Flatbed Inkjet Printer. (Four-color process + white + clear. Will print ADA compliant Braille signs and dimensional images.)
13 x 19” Konica Minolta 10501
12 x 18” Two-Color Ryobi 3200 CD

Finishing Systems

14 x 22” Kluge Die Cutter 10 x 15” Heidelberg Windmill Letterpress
Challenge 30” Programmable Cutter Polar 40” Programmable Cutter
Duplo 10000s Collator/Stitcher Rosback Scoring Machine
2-Syntron 12 x 18” Shrink Wrap MBO 20 x 26” Folder with Right Angle
Shanklin 16 x 30 Shrink Tunnel Round Cornering
Wire-O and Spiral Binding Pneumatic Case Sealer
18” Pot Devin 2R Glue Applicator Rollem scoring and numbering
Masters and Inventory Management Kitting, Assembly, and Distribution
12" x 45”  PLS PR12 Hot or Cold double sided Poly Laminator
Duplo 646 automatic score and trimmer with 99 presets
Duplo DFS 1200 automatic folder with 20 presets
Panoramic Process for lay-flat, high-value, high-impact books and bound product
10 x 15” Heidelberg Windmill Letterpress
Polar 40” Programmable Cutter
Rosback Scoring Machine
MBO 20 x 26” Folder with Right Angle
Round Cornering
Pneumatic Case Sealer
Rollem scoring and numbering
Kitting, Assembly, and Distribution


2 Accufast Labeler-Tabbers
Bell & Howell 4-Station Inserter
Satori Mail Processing Software, includes: 

  • Address correction — CASS Certified™ Bulk Mailer cleans, standardizes, adds ZIP + 4 codes, includes DPV™ and LACS™ processing and generating USPS Form 3553
  • Real-time change-of-address updates — Updates customer lists using NCOA service
  • Removal of duplicates — Improves return on mailing investment

Quality Press History

1981: Two brothers start a printing company in Fremont, focused on the legal industry.
1991: That company is purchased by C. Larry Walker in 1991.
1996: Quality Press moves to the Georgetown area.
1997: Online business card ordering and proofing is implemented.
2000: Quality Press purchases Evergreen Printing, a local firm established in 1951.
2008: John DePasquale purchases Quality Press.
2008: Five-color Ryobi with Coater is added.
2009: Heidelberg Windmill and online ordering capabilities for all printed materials added.
2010: First Konica digital press added.
2011: Second Konica 1050 Color Digital Press, ITO Cutter, and Computer-to-Plate added.
2012: Kluge Die-Cutter, Pot Devin, Duplo Collater/Folder Stitcher, Panoramic added.
2013: Quality Press purchases Belgate Printing & Graphics.
2014: HP Indigo 5600, Duplo DFS 1200 Folder, Duplo 646 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser added.
2015: Custom-designed client storefronts with 24/7 cloud-based connectivity are created.
2016: Allegra/Seattle merges with Quality Press.

Quality Press Storefront Demo

Feel free to check out our storefront Demo site. Click on the button below and use “guest” for both Log In ID and Password. Click on "Storefront Demo Tutorial" below for instructions on how to navigate through the site.


This is your storefront home page. We can customize it with your company logo and colors.

Click to view orders that were previously placed or are in process. We only have one order on this page for demo purposes, but once you start using Presswise, you'll be able to view all of your orders and your ordering history.
Click on the order number on the left to view the current status. There's also an invoice icon to the right of the order number if you wish to view that. Orders will have a thumbnail image of the product and a button for reordering. Once you are in the order, if it's waiting for approval, you would be able to approve or reject. It also details where and to whom we are shipping, and how it's being shipped and billed. There's a pdf link that allows you to view or download a high resolution pdf of the print file.

This page would contain printed products exclusive to your company. The tabs are customizable to whichever categories or names are most meaningful to you. Click on the appropriate tab and then on the product to order it. If applicable, inventory levels will appear under the product image.
All of the items in the catalog are live templates where you can enter information, generate a proof, and place the order. Feel free to try it using the Quality Press templates.
To get familiar with the process, go to the Business Cards tab and click on the image to enter and explore how the content fields work. Populate the fields with your information, then click "update image" to view the card. Click on "pdf proof", review, approve, re-edit, etc.

There are benefits to uploading files here rather than emailing or using a third-party transfer. The file size limit is large (1GB) and it automatically notifies several Quality Press employees that there's been an upload under your account name. At that point, any of us can access and view those files from wherever we are.

There are administrative options to change your login, profile, and secure password.
The Shopping Cart icon at the top gives you another option to get back to your cart. You'll also find transactions you may have begun, but have not yet completed.
You can sort orders by those that you've placed, or that others have placed, or you can view them all, not matter what the origin.

September 15th is the date for this year’s annual open house, featuring wood-fired pizza, putt-putt golf, and prizes. It would be a great opportunity for you to visit our location in the Sodo area. We’re always happy to host customer tours, so if you can’t wait until then, let us know by emailing AllegraTour@qualitypress.com, and we can make a date!