29-inch HP Indigo 12000

The 29-inch HP Indigo 12000 Digital Press produces the widest commercial application range with superior print quality, high productivity, and a unique digital offset printing process. Using dozens of software and hardware innovations, the press delivers the smoothest and sharpest prints in the industry, matching or even exceeding offset quality. Printing 29-inch sheets in color at up to 4600 per hour, the press is capable of producing over two million color sheets per month. 

Our press has the capability to run 4 color process, up to 6 “hits” of white ink plus two PMS color so the possibilities for high quality printing are incredible. The 12000 can print on substrates up to 24pt and can print on paper, paperboard and plastic sheets. Felt, linen and other uncoated substrates print beautifully with no change in production speeds.

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